Opepen Data Dashboard


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:frog: Opepen Data for @jackbutcher’s @opepenai

all the data you need to monitor Opepen Edition, in one dashboard

1/ Link to dashboard here: :link: https://dune.com/denze/vv-opepen

2/ Still a WIP, but for now, wanted to make it easier to see sales data alongside Opepen metadata, e.g. :white_medium_square: view daily sales metrics, split between revealed vs. unrevealed Opepens, or by edition size :white_medium_square: monitor all sales or track notable sales (revealed + editions 1/4/5)

3/ Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions :pray:t2: Planning to dig into holder distributions and set holders next, e.g. how many wallets hold 1 of each released set, or 1 of each edition size?